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About Us is 100% free matrimonial website. It was founded by a pair of students in 2011 with the sole reason to give the users something what they deserves free of cost at all levels. All other matrimonial website charge users with huge amount and their membership plans are which the simple Indian middle class person cannot afford in this time of high inflation.

So we basically have developed this online Application on our own. We are looking forward to get a huge user base so that we can get something back to run this website successfully without any technical difficulties and other financial problems. Until now we have managed to do this with our salaries or payments from our clients in web development. 

We are giving it for free and it will be free always. We have this purpose in our mind that we will never charge users and there will be no other exclusive plans for any special user. The website is free and it always will be.

Free matrimonial websites are already available on internet but the quality of services provided by them is not good enough, we are just making an effort to change the thought that " you can't get quality in free".


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